Today, er,  yesterday now, I  got pretty great surprise.  How great you ask?  How about Totally Rad.  Kat-Nap is the feature background all this week on The Totally Rad Show.  What is the Totally Rad Show? Why its only the best daily podcast for game, comic, TV, movies, and every thing else rad. If you haven’t watched any episodes yet you owe it to your self to check it out,  and I’m not just saying this because their using my background, I’m saying this as an owner of one of their shirts :).  You can check out the show and see my background starting with this episode:

Thank you Dan, Alex, Jeff, and Mike for using my background and hello to all the new readers who are checking out my crazy cats.

Last bit of news, the next chapter of the Shopping Spree story line starts this Saturday.  See You all then.


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