First off, little bit of bad news, last weeks is still not finished so this weeks comic is delayed as well.  I’m a little out of practice at drawing people which is slowing me down a bit but I think I should be able to finish it by next weekend.

Any who to the good news, yesterday I got my 201st spam comment! You may be asking “But Greg aren’t spam comments bad?” and you’d be right, also since I have exactly zero actual comments you’d be doubly so.  So why is all this good news? Well instead of getting irate with the situation and stand on my soap box yelling in bold caps in blog posts or write angry emails to spam-bots, I figured that I’d have fun with this.  So I introduce the “I don’t like spam” Comment Contest.  How does it work? Its simple just comment to this news post and I’ll randomly select a one commenter and send them a Kat-Nap prize.

The prize for this contest is a “+1 to nom” 1.5″ pin button.

So all you have to do to be entered for a chance to win this super cool pin button is just comment to this post below.  The comment can be about who your favorite Kat-Nap characters are, to even just simply “want pin”. Also please email me using the contact me form if your comments to this post don’t show up in at least two days.  I’ll randomly decide the winner next Saturday.  Well good luck.



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  1. Imagio

    I do not like spam,
    I do not like it in a can,
    I do not like it on a bun,
    It is no good for anyone,
    I do not like it, Spam I Am!

  2. OnyxSparrow

    Ooooooh…. I wana pin! I’ll totally pin it to… something. I don’t know what, but by golly SOMETHING will get pinned!

  3. Jirdles

    Oooooh – I don’t like spam
    Wait! I do like spam
    But only the kind
    That comes in a can!

    Chloe kitty…with a little help : )

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