Happy Thanksgiving every one!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last few weeks.  I have been going through a bit of an art block as of late and I’m having issues figuring out some pages of current chapter.  I was very unprepared when the Totally Rad Show used my background, I was not expecting it to used so soon after I submitted it. Don’t get my wrong, it was one of the most awesome things to happen to Kat-Nap and I’m super grateful to Jeff, Alex, Dan, and Mike for using it and for the like 200 hits I got from it. When it happened I tried to fast track the chapter and ride the traffic wave, so I started the chapter before I was finished even writing it and I fell off the wave and could not keep up. Now i’m not trying to excuse myself, I just figured that I owed you all an explanation for the lack of content.

Any who, I’m not out of the block and the art is slowly getting back up to speed. So now I figure I’ll just finish making the rest of the chapter in one chunk before I upload the comics online. This way in theory I’ll be able to work on the next chapter in one chunk while the other chapter is appearing online, and then I may finally be able to start building some momentum with this silly cat comic.

I’ll more then likely need a few more weeks to finish this chapter, but hopefully I can get it done quicker.

Oh and the comment contest is over now, and a winner has been emailed.  Thanks to everyone for entering, even the one spammer with the moxie to try and spam an “I hate spam contest”, nice try buddy :p

Well that is all for now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Jirdles

    To you wild and crazy kats…
    Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year too!
    I’m really looking forward to more of your adventures this year!
    Q’s of curiousity… What did you do through the holidays, did you make any resolutions,
    and do any of you kats hibernate for the winter?
    Would love to hear from one or all of you!

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