New Kat-Nap comics are heading your way starting July 2.  After that I’ll be doing a twice a month updating schedule with the next comic going up on the 23rd. If my buffer gets big enough I’ll increase to a once a week schedule.

See you then 🙂


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  1. benit

    spot is funny 1,000,000,000 i love spot

  2. benit

    ketty is ok 1,000,000 i like him a lot

  3. benit

    kat has a job and spot and ketty it is cool

  4. benit

    sorry i’m rong kat has a job and ketty and spot don’t

  5. benit

    my couisn scared me 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 my baby brather stoud up by him self ya !:)

  6. benit

    nice one happy v-day

  7. benit

    spot is funny big time

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