I’ve been putting off doing writing a proper update for far too long, soo much has happened since the last one. Some good, some bad, and some very interesting (wait interesting is a bad word for a creator to use, right?), er, cool stuff.

I’ll get the recent bad finished first. On October 17th the last of the cats that inspired Kat-Nap passed on. Her name was Chloe and as you may guess from my depiction of spot which was based on her that she was a strange cat. She was always a tiny cat so when 14 years passed by I just kinda lost track of how old she really was. She had a good long live for a stray born under a neighbors deck in a gloomy Washington fall. She will be missed but she will always be remembered through Spot.

Now to move on to a lighter subject, internet censorship (wait! that’s not a lighter subject). You may have noticed a funny little bar over the kat in the kat nap logo. That was added in support to the opposition to the protect IP and the E-Parasites bills being discussed in the house and Senate. Now as a person with an IP, this site, I do understand that people want to profit from there created works. That being said I don’t think locking the internet is the best way to go about it. Check out http://americancensorship.org/ or just click on the censor bar above. Best move on cause if I keep going I may trigger Godwin’s law, and I still have things to talk about.

As for the comic, well work on chapter four has started but its a long way from being done. So in the mean time I’ll be doing an ad break series between chapters, which is a bunch of random comics that don’t follow the storyline per-say. It gives me a break from the structured story line and allows me to vent some random funny ideas and play with the fact that Kat is a commercial actor. A change from the last times I did this is there will be a one panel comic bumper to start and end the break like what I did in the smell-b-gone comic only not attached to a comic. The ad comics should be done soon.

Over the course of the year I went to three comic conventions and after each one I was going to do a write up about each but I sluffed off doing them, then forgot that I didn’t write them. So since it would be a lot of text in an already long post to write all of what happened, I’m just going to share a list of links to some of the super cool artists I met and there projects.

Trevor Frick http://ideatopaperstudios.deviantart.com/

Jason Thompson http://www.kingofrpgs.com/

Emi Lenox http://www.emitown.blogspot.com/

Shannon Wheeler http://www.tmcm.com/tmcm/

Michael Avon Oeming http://michaeloeming.com/

Quenton Shaw http://www.qewpublishing.com/

Ben “1314” Hanson http://1314.deviantart.com/

Shon C. Bury http://www.shoncburysnox.com/

Beau Obremski http://www.scottishninjas.com/

Tim and Tom Engstrom http://boysoffloyd.com/

Finally you can follow Kat-Nap now on facebook for updates and random stuff. Also check out the Cat’s conversations on twitter and you can follow them and me there as well @cobaltkatdrone, @KatNapKat, @KatNapKetty, @KatNapSpot



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