Hi everyone!

Well things certainly have been jumping around here and big things are on the horizon.

First off Kat-Nap is hitting the convention circuit starting this October.

The cats and I are going to have a table in the Artist Alley at this years Bellingham ComiCon in Ferndale Washington on October 20th. For more information and directions click here.

After that we will have an Artist Alley table at the 2013 Emerald City ComiCon at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle Washington from March 1st through the 3rd. For more information and directions click here.

I’ve been hard at work prepping for the up coming conventions, getting new shirts ready for print, designing buttons and prints, and putting together a small comic book of collected Kat-Nap comics. While I have been doing that I have been burning through my comic buffer and as of today the last comic in the buffer has been posted. I am going to try and keep my update schedule going and have a new comic up next week but until I finish all the con prep I can’t guarantee anything.

I’ll be posting previews of the new Kat-Nap products as we get closer to October. Till then stay tuned.


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  1. Nancy Swalling

    Hey Greg,

    Bet this is pretty exciting for you. It’s a giant step and it takes guts. zZI can’t make it on 10/20 but if you let me know ahead of time, no doubt I can make it in March.

    Lots of luck to you, Nancy

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