Hi all,

Last up in the product previews for the upcoming cons are, Prints! I’m will be selling 11″x17″ and 8.5″x11″ prints of various designs, like the 2012 dragon and the newer boxes yes we can. I also have some brand new designs for Bellingham including the cat’s acting like tourists in Bellingham and a new character that will be appearing in the comic very soon gets his own new print. Check out the cat’s in Bellingham print below. And remember the Bellingham ComiCon is this Saturday and for any one in the area ticked are still available here, so come and check it out and you can get a print for yourself.

Kat-Nap will be at table 30 at the Curious Horizon Media table next to the Spider Wolf Media table. If you can make it out to it, I hope to see you there.

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