I’m back from The Bellingham ComiCon, and what a fantastic con it was to have my first table at. Big thanks to my friends Paul and Nick who helped me run the table and with out whom I more than likely could not have been able to do the conventions at all.

We were able to actually sell quite a few buttons and every single mystery button packs and every single 8.5” x 11” Kat-pool print, the Kat-pool button was also a big seller. Other exhibitors mentioned selling quite a few Deadpool related items as well, it kinda felt like there was some kinda of Deadpool fan club meet up considering there was about three people cosplaying as Deadpool as well.

Speaking of cosplay, there was some amazing cosplay during the convention from xmen characters to invader zim characters to even a viking in “stolen” roman leather armor, they were all amazing. Check out a video an attendee took of the cosplayers here. Also check out the bottom left at 00:23 🙂 .

A big thank you has to go out to Eric Burris the head of the convention for being super nice and helpful, the same goes for my table neighbors from spider wolf media. My table neighbor on the other side, QEW publishing, were also super cool. They a had a large group of cosplayers hanging out by their table most of the con, which was great for me because my banner would end up in pics that attendees took of and with the cosplayers. So that was cool.

Toward the end of the con I got a quick bit to go around the con. I got a copy of the FISK card game from my table neighbors from spider wolf media, a cool team battle card game with some interesting mechanics. I also picked up a new choose your own adventures books for grown-ups called “Thrusts of Justice” from Chooseomatic Books. Lastly I got a 4”x6” picture of the 10th doctor etched on metal from Geekograph, its so cool.

After the con my friends and I got to have dinner and hang out with a group of exhibitors from the con including Ben Hanson, Quenton Shaw, and Jason Metcalf. It was awesome and a lot of fun.

So all and all it was a great first experience and I look forward to ECCC in like five months, yikes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the con and checked out my table. I had a lot of fun talking to everyone. Thanks.

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