For me, last year could best be described as a kaiju movie, like Godzilla. Building slowly under a climate of prophesied doom until the city crushing monster takes a stroll through downtown, decimating any anything in its wake. Then finally becoming board and walking back into the sea, but not before lighting the untouched half of the city ablaze with atomic fire and flipping the bird as it descends to the watery depths. The beginning weeks of this new year has been used to clean up the mess 2012 left behind and getting back on track. Which I’m happy and excited to report that every thing is back up and running and that I’m on track for the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon in March, which has almost sold out of 3-day badges by the way.

I Already have new products in production and a few already in transit. You read that right NEW and to a lesser extent DONE. First up we have 5 new buttons premiering at the con.

I’m super excited about the next new item because two weeks ago I did not think it would be ready in time for the convention but as I understand they will be here in time. So with out further ado, Kat-Nap issue #1 will be premiering at the Emerald City ComiCon.

I know, right? This 32 page full color comic collects over 36 comics from the site, some of the oldest comics have been remade for this issue. For everyone who can’t make it the con I will have the book available to buy online in digit and in print shortly after the convention.

Well that’s all for now.

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