Welcome to the first Kat-Nap Ask Anything. Today we will be asking Spot some questions including some from other readers. The questions are in so here we go.

Greg Collins: Hello Spot.

Spot: Hi!

GC: Thank you for sitting down with me and answering some questions.

Spot: Sure this sounds fun.

GC: Okay lets start a little abstract. So who is Spot?

Spot: Umm, I’m a cat silly, see my tail?

GC: Uh, yeah. So who is the cat Spot?

Spot: Is there an owl in here?

GC: What?

Spot: Well I hear a lot of who’s.

GC: Okay I get it moving on.

Spot: Where is it?

GC: What?

Spot: The owl.

GC: Ah, there is no owl here.

Spot: Oh, good.

GC: Is there a problem with owls?

Spot: They are creepy sometimes, with that head turning thing, and they get really big and their not what they appear.

GC: Moving on, what do you do during the day?

Spot: I wake up early and try to wake my brothers up. Kat is easy cause he has a job or some thing boring like that, so he’s up anyways. My brother Ketty on the other paw sleeps like a umm, really heavy thing that likes to sleep. I usually give up poking him to get up and go eat some kibble, I like crunchy spicy tuna crunch the best, chewy chicken cubes is okay but crispy barbeque beef is not very good, I call it bleck-e-q beef cause its yucky. I also liked the pickle flavor one Kat brought home once, he said I was a freak but it was yummy plus it was green and I really like green.

GC: Pickles, really?

Spot: Yep, pickles are tasty. I like dill better than sweet but I like sweet too.

GC: So after you eat what else do you do during the day?

Spot: Hum, Oh, I play with my stuffed animals. That’s always fun. Right now Mr Gobble is secretly trying to assassinate Mr Bunny, its a very complicated multi-year plan to strike when the right moment arrives and then he will take over the kingdom. But the Countess Googly-eye Frog is on to Mr Gobbles plan and is hopping mad about it, cause she has been trying to con the kingdom away from Mr Bunny by cheating him at a game of full contact cribbage but hasn’t been able to get him to bet the kingdom yet, but when that happens she will have no further use for Mr Bunny and she plans to cast him over the cliff.

GC: It doesn’t sound like very many people like Mr Bunny, why is that?

Spot: Oh he knows what he did, he knows.

GC: Your stuffed animals look a little rough around the edges, why is that?

Spot: What!? They’re called stuffed ani-mauls right? Om nom nom *shake *

GC: Uh huh. So after all that what is the rest of your day like?

Spot: I guess after that I like to play outside, but my brothers make me stay in the backyard after I brought home a new friend once.

GC: Still, a little fresh air is good now and then. So what do you play outside?

Spot: I really like hide and seek, but I don’t get to play that very often sense the aliens stopped abducting me. You cause one interstellar war and suddenly their all like “this planet has no intelligent life”. I would play with Kat but he never looks for me and Ketty is too easy to find cause he’d rather just watch TV.

GC: Do you not like TV?

Spot: Um, I like TV I guess, as long as its not chasing us.

GC: Oh right, so on a normal TV what do you like to watch?

Spot: I really like that show with the puppets. We all used to watch it together when we were small and learning to speak. Now Kat and Ketty kinda make fun of me for watching it still, but its funny and the puppets look tasty.

GC: The ani-maul thing again right?

Spot: LOL, right!

GC: How about we move to questions asked from people on the internet?

Spot: The internet asks questions now? Um, alright. As long there are no questions about the gators?

GC: What?

Spot: You know the ones that live in the tubes. They like slow down the internet.

GC: Right, moving on, the first question comes from Danny, he asks. How do you get along with your brothers?

Spot: My brothers aren’t too hard to get along with. Ketty can be kinda boring sometimes but we like watching TV and playing games together. Kat on the other paw is a lot of fun to pester, but some of his games aren’t all that fun sometimes.

GC: Next question is from Geree, who asks. Why do cats try to trip the people they live with? That is so rude!

Spot: I don’t know about other cats, but I just hate the little things at the end of shoelaces, what are they called? One sec, Hey Ketty what are the things at the end of shoelaces called!?

Ketty: Aglets!

Spot: Right, aglets, I hate those things.

GC: The next question is from Alexis, who asks. Seriously, what’s it like cleaning yourself with your own tongue? Yikes, that’s a flavor I’d prefer not to imagine.

Spot: Hmm, It works better than using someone else’s tongue. Don’t ask. But I don’t know, It’s just something that cats do and, Hey wait! Are you saying that I have bad taste?

GC: The next question comes from Jason, He asks. How many hair balls do you cough up a day?

Spot: Kat makes use eat this green paste medicine from a tube, It’s like made from grass or something. Kat says it helps them pass, but he never tells me what lane is the passing lane. All I know is that it’s hair today and gone tomorrow.

GC: The next question from Jirdles, who asks. The bright green has got my attention and curiosity… so I was wondering what’s in the bag?

Spot: What my tail pack? I’m not sure lets see, shake shake, oh here is my wallet it has googly eyes on it, then there is my emergency stuffed bear to chew on if I get bored, a shiny button, a piece of tin foil, some crayons, a neat dead bug I found, I think its a grasshopper, um, a small bag of kitty treats if I need a nom, a foam dart, some dried leaves that look like monsters, a bit of string, a headless green army man, a bolt, uh, a big wad of lint, and look a packing peanut and a normal peanut.

GC: Last question is from Joan, which is. Don’t panic Spot but do you ever wonder about the proverb “curiosity killed the cat”?

Spot: That’s a thing!? Well it must not apply to me, unless I’ve been a ghost the entire time. Ha ha, um, maybe I should check on that. Ghosts can go through wall I think, so lets try this wall. SMACK! Okay good news, I’m not a ghost.

GC: Thank you to all who sent in questions.

Spot: Yes, thanks. That was fun, lets do this again sometime.

GC: Okay, but till then, Later.

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