Hi all,
The 2014 Emerald City Comicon was awesome this year. There were a lot of fun and memorable moments almost as soon as the doors opened on Friday.

The first person to stop by the table when the doors opened Friday was a young girl who I would guess was around 11-ish. My conversation went something like this.
con-conversationMe: Hello how are you doing?
Girl: Hi, I’m cosplaying as someone who doesn’t have enough money for an interesting costume and who likes to sketch.
Me: Ah, okay.
Girl: No that’s a clue.
Me: huh.
She then started to look through my comic portfolio.
Me: That’s a web comic I do.
Girl: That’s right I’m a web comic artist.
She then promptly turned around and walked off leaving me very confused. I ended up having a lot of memorable conversations this year, from the 6 people that were all big fans of slugs complete with one girl who even had a slug tattooed on her back, to the Australian newlyweds who were there for there honeymoon, to the super nice guy who we talked to the last day and who gave me a nifty Penny Arcade Cardboard Tube Samurai Pin. There were so many cool people who we chatted with this year that it’s impossible to talk about all of them.

I didn’t get away from the table all too much this year but had a little time here and there. I got to get a signed copy of  “Powers, Vol. 1: Who Killed Retro Girl?” and a signed issue 1 of “The Victorys” from Michael Avon Oeming and a signed copy of  “Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Volume 1” from Eric S. Trautmann. I was also able to give Andrea Libman one of my Pinkie Pie prints in person and get her autograph.

I did just a little bit of sketching as well this year. In honor of Karl Urban being at the con I did a Dredd Cat sketch card. I was also asked to sketch on a tee shirt that had already been sketched on by other awesome artists around the con, it was the first time I had done that and it was a real honor to be included.

dc-sketchshirt sketch

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and checked out kat-nap or just a stopped to chat. A huge thank you goes out to the amazing ECCC staff and volunteers who are awesome and help make ECCC one of the best Comicons year after year. The biggest thank yous go out to my friends Paul and Nick for helping with everything and making it possible for me to do these events at all. Thank you all and see ya next year.


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