Hello everyone,
Welcome to the new year, thats 2015 if your reading this from the future. 2014 was a very strange year in my life with few highlights and quite a bit of drama. It took it’s toll but all and all, things could have gone much worse. That being said I ended up quite drained and in kind of a block creativity. I want to thank everyone one for their patience in regards to updates and I am trying to step it up this year. Lucky for me it seems that the glacier of creative block is starting to melt and all sorts of ideas are flowing again, although it’s a little too late for a comic this Saturday. There will be something next Saturday, though it’s not a comic per-say.

Oh also Kat-Nap will once again be at the Emerald City Comicon this year the last weekend in March.

Thank you all again for your understanding and support. I will try my hardest to make this year a better year hear on the site.


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