Hi all!

So the 2015 Emerald City was last weekend and as always it was a great show. A big thank you goes out right at the start of this update to Nick Osborne and my cousin Bradley Schwandt for helping me all weekend, I could not do the convention with out them. Also a huge thank you to Ben Hansen and his wife Jolene for helping out and watching my table during a slight emergency on Sunday.

Okay with that important bit out of the way, on with the update.
Friday started a bit rocky. The intercom for the convention center in the section we were in was not working that day so we were not given a heads up that they were letting the attendees in and we were still setting up a few things on the table. That wouldn’t be that much of an issue normally (and it really wasn’t too bad) but we were located right at one of the entrances, which, don’t get me wrong was great, but we were almost swimming in the crowd. Although by being in that location were were able to make our first sale of the convention in about five minutes, which is a new record. Also from early estimates we beat our sales record too.

I didn’t get away from the table all that much this year. I did get a chance to talk to some awesome creators which is one of my favorite parts of being an exhibitor. I talked with James Asmus and Steve Lieber at the valiant booth about working on humor stories in the comic industry and Mr. Lieber drew a super cool Quantum and Woody sketch for me. Later I got to talk with Katie Cook about her work as writer on the current MLP comics. I also got to talk to Andy Runton a little after the convention about his experiences with conventions in general.

As for convention swag, I really didn’t get that much this year. I got a bunch or awesome prints from by buddy Ben Hansen. From the welovefine booth I got a small Balloonicorn plush and a Team Fortress 2 blind box mini figure (I got the red Pyro, which was the one I wanted, yay) and that’s about it.

I was able to get some pics with some cosplayers this year dressed like an agent 47



a new Miss Marvel


and Tiny Tina with her friend Eowyn.


Over all this year’s ECCC pretty great. Over the three days we had a lot of cool people stopping by the table and I got to catch up with friends IRL.

Though this year was great I am going to be taking the next year off from the convention scene. This is not because the conventions have done anything wrong by me, in fact they are super awesome, I just need to get stuff done like get the online store up and finish my storyline comics. Also with next years ECCC being 4 days I’m not quite sure how to logistically swing that yet.

Anyways thank you to everyone who helped make this the greatest ECCC so far.

Stay tuned for awesome things to come.

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