Hi everybody, I’m back-ish!

So as you may have noticed that there hasn’t been too much activity around this site for awhile, and while honestly that’s not too strange for me most times, sorry about that by the way, but this time was different. Back in July I was hospitalized with a very bad case of pneumonia, like not sure if I was going to die or not bad. Since I have a form of muscular dystrophy I have a weaker cough than the average person so respiratory illnesses are nothing to cough at for me, lol. Though thanks to some great doctors, therapists and the support of my family and friends I was able to pull through. I finally got out of the hospital in the second week of September, but even though the pneumonia is gone I’m still in recovery mode. The few months in the hospital and the sickness took a lot out of me and my physical abilities. I am getting physical therapy and I’m making some good progress, but I’m still not sure when I will be up to working on Kat-Nap. Be assured that I am not giving up on these crazy cats and they will continue in someway, I’m just not sure when that will be. Anyways thank you all for your patience and understanding and I hope to be back bringing more exploits of Kat, Ketty, Spot with me soon.
Later for now.

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  1. CFsoftie

    Sympathies and understanding! For different reasons (Cystic fibrosis) I have had a few doses of pneumonia, and though I recover fast I know only too well how rough you’ve been feeling. I hope your recovery continues according to plan and you are back to your old self before too long.

    Take care, look after yourself!


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