Hi all,

Yes I still function! While my recovery has been slow and is still not 100% complete, am back working on comics and various secret projects. If everything goes well I will be at Docking Bay 93 on the 7th of May for Free Comic Book Day from 12pm to 3pm, granted this is all dependent on how well I’m feeling that day. I wanted to have my new random comic up today it’s not done yet. So I’m just going to distract you with cute kittens today, these are tests for a new project I’m working on.

kitten-yarn wiggle-kitten power-kitten gnar-thoo-looph-kittenAnyway I hope to be able to see you guys on Free Comic Day on Saturday. Later.

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  1. Number One Fan

    Awww…the youth of today! How cute are those? I love them all…even the Cthulhu nom kitten!

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