Hi all,

You might not know this because A.) I’ve never really said anything before about it, or B.) It’s relatively a new thing, but there are a few other places on the net to get Kat-Nap related news than this site. I know, there are other sites on the internet, crazy right? Anyway If you did already find it I have a twitter feed @cobaltkatdrone that I post when comic and news updates are posted and sometimes other stuff. The cats also have twitters too @KatNapKat@KatNapKetty, and @KatNapSpot where they will chat to each other when they stop losing their phones that is. I also recently set up a tumblr account at http://cobaltkattumbles.tumblr.com/ which is vary barren at the moment but I plan on posting art and sketches for Kat-Nap and other projects. Finally I’m starting to learn reddit and I’m posting under the username CobaltKatDrone and trying to build enough site karma to set-up a Kat-Nap sub-reddit one day. So that’s some more ways to keep on the goings on of crazy cat adventures.


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