Kat is the first born of the litter and as such thinks himself the boss. He tends to be sarcastic and easily riled by his brothers especially Spot, but deep down he does care about them, he just has a hard time showing it. His dream is to be the most famous Kat in the world but for now he makes due with staring in cheap late night commercials for terrible products and public service messages.



Ketty was born in the middle of the litter but doesn’t really care about the order. He’s mostly calm and is usually the voice of reason for the three. A big fan of all pop culture he spends most days watching TV, playing games, reading comics, or taking naps and dreaming of adventure.



Spot is the runt of the litter though seems to have the energy of multiple cats. He is enthusiastically naive and prone to random actions but is very good-natured . Having and endless supply of curiosity he is frequently getting into strange situations that his brothers have a hard time believing most times.