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Hi all, So I was already to launch this new site on the 16th like I said I was, okay it was getting closer to the 17th,  Any who the new site failed on epic proportions and had to revert to 2.0.  To top that off my computer’s monitor stopped working the next day.  A […]

Hi all, Just a small update. I got the new RSS feed up and running through feedburner so I’m retiring my old manually updated feed, sorry to everyone that has the old feed. Please update your new readers with my new feed if you want to get the latest kat-nap news. Also I fixed the […]

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After months of work, and pushed back deadlines, “Cat Odes! The Kitty Anthology” is finally finished and goes on sale at on August 25th. It features a seven page exclusive Kat-Nap comic called Strange Dreams, which is the first time Kat-Nap has appeared in commercial print. As a contributor I got my advance copy […]

Cat-Odes! which features an exclusive Kat-Nap comic is now available at Later Greg

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Today, er,  yesterday now, I  got pretty great surprise.  How great you ask?  How about Totally Rad.  Kat-Nap is the feature background all this week on The Totally Rad Show.  What is the Totally Rad Show? Why its only the best daily podcast for game, comic, TV, movies, and every thing else rad. If you […]

I’m a little behind so comic 66 will be late this week.  It will go up most likely some time late Saturday/ early Sunday.  Thanks for your understanding. See ya all later.

I’m very behind schedule again this week. I’m going to try hard to get comic 67 up late Sunday, but I can’t promise any thing at the moment.  I can promise that comic 68 should take less time for me to do.  I’m very sorry about this and thank you all for your patients. Later […]

First off, little bit of bad news, last weeks is still not finished so this weeks comic is delayed as well.  I’m a little out of practice at drawing people which is slowing me down a bit but I think I should be able to finish it by next weekend. Any who to the good […]

Happy Thanksgiving every one! Sorry for the lack of updates for the last few weeks.  I have been going through a bit of an art block as of late and I’m having issues figuring out some pages of current chapter.  I was very unprepared when the Totally Rad Show used my background, I was not […]

Hey there all and welcome to this late welcome to the new year/ year in review post. 2010 was a big year for Kat-Nap. After two years of learning, working, building, and rebuilding Kat-Nap 3.0 went live. Course that was after literally destroying the previous site and rebuild it in a day, but it was […]