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Well the Saturday/ Sunday has come and gone and I haven’t finished the newest comic yet.  So to try and make that up to all of you I added a new Wallpaper to the downloads section. I also have a pumpkin carving template of the design in the wallpaper. Click on the image above to […]

Hi everyone. I was unable to finish the weeks comic yet as I’m still working on stuff for the upcoming cons in October and March. With print deadlines quickly approaching I really need to focus on finishing those projects before I can get any new comics up on the site. Thank you all for your […]

Well things have been interesting in my life in the last few months. I’m sorry for the delays in the new comics since October but with Emerald City coming up in March and a family emergency that hit in the last few days it is very unlikely that there will be a new comic for […]

I will be at the 2014 Bellingham Comicon this Saturday (October 18th) at table 29. Come by and say hi if you can.

The Bellingham Comicon was, uh, two weeks ago!? Really? Well this took longer then I intended. Ah, anyways this is always one of my favorite conventions of the year and this year was great as usual. I had a lot of fun hanging out with a lot of cool people and I even got a […]

Hello everyone, Welcome to the new year, thats 2015 if your reading this from the future. 2014 was a very strange year in my life with few highlights and quite a bit of drama. It took it’s toll but all and all, things could have gone much worse. That being said I ended up quite […]